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"We offer everything in one complete package.. the forms, the equipment, and the (rarely needed) software, including our customer friendly Toll Free phone support!"

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Case Studies of the PSMailer product.

Self Mailer Machine-LMQII

These Folder Sealer Machines are used to fold and seal our Pressure Seal Laser Form products. By using our Pressure Seal Laser Forms (PS Laser Forms) for your applications, you’ll see a difference almost immediately in cost savings, greater productivity and more versatile document capabilities. You will soon discover why it pays to use Pressure Seal Laser Forms to cut costs and streamline everyday business tasks.

We offer everything in one complete package: the equipment, the software, and the documents! No more running around to three different sources. You will have the solution that saves time, money, and resources.

Pressure Seal Laser Forms continue to transform the market by offering a complete line of pressure seal/folding equipment. Customers of any size, small to large, now have a Pressure Seal Laser Forms solution that fits their needs.

Model Description
ISM This addition to the PS Laser Forms line of pressure seal folder/sealers gives smaller businesses the capability of processing as few as 6,500 documents per year.
ISM II** Processing up to 3,000 documents an hour, the ISM II is the next generation in the LMQ family of products. This small office solution includes a manual/batch counter, is capable of processing all 11 and 14" form formats.
LMQ The LMQ Pressure Seal System is an integrated folder/sealer with a processing throughput of up to 3,000 forms per hour. The LMQ's innovative design offers an affordable desktop solution to automate any organization's short run pressure seal application. An optional six-digit manual/batch counter is available.
LMQ II* This new model includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter. The LMQ II processes 5,000 documents per hour and has an unlimited duty cycle. (Replaces our 3K machine)
5K Capable of folding and sealing 7,000 forms per hour, the 5K ships standard with a six-digit manual/batch counter and conveyor belt.
7K The variable speed model, the 7K , is capable of processing 9,000 forms per hour and has a user touch pad interface with manual and batch counter for ease of operation.
7K Plus Offering an extended 36" conveyor and True Doubles Detection Technology to eliminate feed jams, the 7K Plus is capable of processing 11,000 forms per hour.
AIS With a simple touch of the new interactive screen you can select one of six preprogrammed or two custom fold settings. The AIS ' automatic fold adjustment eliminates the set up time required with competitive products. The AIS is capable of processing up to 11,000 sheets/hour.
ICS The ICS , with True Doubles Detection, and a 36" conveyor is the first pressure seal unit on the market capable of processing integrated/affixed cards up to 20 mil and magnets up to 8 mil in a pressure seal document.. This 9,000 forms per hour unit will be an asset to improving productivity in your post processing operation.
20K This innovative solution provides large volume processing in the footprint of a desktop unit. With processing speeds up to 22,000 forms per hour and competitively priced, the Infinity Solutions 20K sets new standards in post processing solutions.
Cabinet How about a cabinet specifically for your folder/sealer?
* Our most popular desktop machine, **Our newest desktop machine.
Warranty: ISM, ISMII, LMQII- 3 months Depot      LMQ- 6 months Depot
Other Machines- 3 months On-Site
Toll Free phone support during & beyond the Warranty Period
Service: Depot Options Contracts are available for ISM, ISMII, LMQ, LMQII
On-Site Options Contracts are available- provided by Kodak

"These machines frequently pay for themselves within a few months of operation and they're so easy to use you'll quickly begin using them for additional applications." 

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